Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Why is this blog called Patchwork Word?

PATCHWORK is a craft of rescuing dreams, 
a fabric of memories fastened in seams,
where old is not worthless and scraps are not poor, 
where strange shapes fit perfectly and less is more. 
A conglomeration, collection, selection 
of numerous oddities viewed with affection.
The disparate cloths to the right and the left
match in colourful harmonies found in the weft
and whether the eye traces high up or down
a hanky may sit indistinct from a gown.
Each chosen and precious, the pieces all share
a holy identity through being there
The kingdom of heaven's all over the place:
wrapped in a quilt lies an image of Grace.


  1. Love your introductory poem Amy. Looking forward to seeing what you will post in future.

  2. Absolutely beautiful poem, Amy. Reminds me of life as a tapestry where we see the knots and God views the completed image. Looking forward to more to come. Bless you :)

  3. A really beautiful poem - I particularly love the last 2 lines.

  4. Thank you, lovely people! The penultimate line was one of those enjoyable moments when I write a line, then realise that it has a second meaning - and then notice that the second meaning is perfect for it :)