Saturday, 11 May 2013

May Meme 11 - Someone I Love

Ah, "Someone You Love!" Now there's a dangerous title: ignore it, and you look stingy; write on it, and you offend everyone you don't mention!
I very nearly missed it, anyway, because one of the people I love decided to cry for an hour before settling to sleep in his cot, and then because I love him, I decided to try egg-free baking experiments so that he can have a birthday cake in a couple of weeks.  And somebody else I love was using my computer to write a sermon research some fun early church conspiracy theories.

Nonetheless - is it cheating if my introduction far exceeds the 100 word limit? - continuing the completely unintentional exploration of form poetry (I'm hooked now), this is a Double Tetractys.  A tectractys is a 20-syllable poem with the syllable count 1,2,3,4,10.  A double one does the same thing again backwards.  I don't think it has to reflect the words themselves, I just thought it would be fun if it did.

Someone I Love

make me
someone I love
I hum along, but here's the curious thing:
did I recall the music first, or did
someone I love,
make me

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