Friday, 12 April 2013

The Source

This was the product of the first Create session at Spring Harvest, when the text used for inspiration was John 1.  We didn't have very long to play with our creations, so I simply made a list of words and phrases that meant 'first' and then made them rhyme...

The Source

He is the Source, the Beginning, the Maker,
The Origin, Big Bang, Primeval Earthquaker,
The Author, Composer, the Dreamer, the Dream,
Foundation, the Cornerstone, Load-Bearing Beam,
Creator, Inspiring, he sang the first song,
Alpha, Word, Logos, the There-All-Along
The initial brush stroke on the page waiting white,
The Crux and the Reason why, Let There Be Light
Firstborn from the dead, he's the one up before us
The Number One, Rising Sun, leads the Dawn Chorus
The breath before speaking, the thought before breath,
The spark before thinking, the Life without death.


  1. I really like this. You've arranged all the different names in a very original way. I especially like 'the There-All-Along'. I bet this would sound good performed in church.

  2. Lovely Amy, and very encouraging. I love being reminded that it's the King we belong to!

  3. This is just beautiful. I'm going to copy this into my journal. Perfect.